Domestic Enemies begins five years after Enemies Foreign And Domestic, in other words, in America's not very distant future. After decades of uncontrolled illegal immigration, tens of millions of undocumented Hispanic aliens have received amnesty, and both political parties are pandering to the desires of these new Spanish-speaking instant-citizens. Congress and the President have granted amnesty to a human tsunami of illegal migrants, but to most middle-class Americans, they remain unwanted criminal invaders. The national economy is on the brink of collapse, inflation and unemployment are soaring, and major cities are descending into ungovernable sinkholes of anarchy and inter-ethnic violence. America is poised for a low intensity "dirty civil war."

The events in Domestic Enemies take place between Oklahoma and Southern California, but much of it occurs in New Mexico. After many years of an open-door policy to illegals and lax "motor-voter" registration, the state government has been taken over by separatists, who are only nominally members of the Democratic Party. The federal government, which is dealing with multiple crises it considers far more urgent, turns a blind eye to the ethnic and political turmoil in the remote border state of New Mexico.

Radicals One of the new state government's top agenda items is radical "land reform." Ranches are being confiscated on the pretext that their original deeds and titles are invalid, according to their interpretation of the 1848 Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo. In order to enforce these "land reform" policies, the radical governor creates a new paramilitary organization, the Milicia de Nuevo Mexico, and arms it with surplus M-16 rifles from the state guard armories. (The actual New Mexico National Guard is still fully deployed to the ongoing wars in the Middle East.) Thus the stage is set for a bloody showdown between New Mexico ranchers who refuse to leave their ancestral lands, and the Milicia de Nuevo Mexico, which is comprised largely of former illegal alien immigrants, fighting for free land to be distributed as the spoils of victory in the new Aztlan.

May day crowdThe radical state government also passes Espanol Solamente laws, after several other states have passed English-only laws in reaction to the illegal alien invasion. Police and other Nuevo Mexico government employees who cannot pass difficult Spanish proficiency tests are fired. Milicia highway checkpoints are pervasive, searching cars for illegal firearms. The checkpoints are actually a form of ethnic intimidation, a part of the new state government's unspoken (but clearly intended) plan for the ethnic-cleansing of Nuevo Mexico.

May day crowd"Voluntarios" from Mexico, Central and South America (as well as left-wing gringo radicals) are flocking to Nuevo Mexico. They are coming for free land, citizenship and a chance to strike a blow at the hated "imperialist" United States. Well-armed American "Minuteman" volunteers are also heading to the beleaguered state to support the threatened ranchers, and to keep New Mexico within the United States. Bosnia and Kosovo in the early 1990s (just before the Balkans exploded into open warfare) are a model for the witch's brew simmering in the Southwest.

That's the background of the second novel of the Enemies trilogy,Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista. It is a cautionary tale about the Balkanization of America, which will result from our present out-of-control illegal alien invasion, when combined with a national economy in depression, and political correctness run amuck. With amnesty presently looming for the 12 to 30 million illegal aliens now in the USA, (plus their extended family members in an endless chain), the fictional events portrayed in this novel seem more likely than ever to occur. If you want to see America's possible future, read Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista.

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