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Bleeding-edge dystopian thrillers, for readers who are tired of politically-correct fiction.

The Bracken Anthology is now available on Kindle.

The 193-page anthology includes:
The Civil War 2 Cube, When the music stops: How America's cities may explode in violence,
What I Saw At The Coup, Trapping Feral Pigs And Other Modern Parables,
Alas - Brave New Babylon, Dear Mr. Security Agent, Professor Raoul X, and a dozen more.

Then on March 2, 2012, while EFAD was on the Kindle free list...

Some Amazon reviews of Castigo Cay.

"Being a fan of this sort of TEOTWAWKI fiction (One Second After, Lights Out, Patriots, etc.) and after reading all the 5 star praise heaped on the author, I decided to give this one a chance. This is my first Bracken novel and I was impressed. I now have two of the "Enemies" trilogy books and will soon be ordering the third one as well. One only needs to look around to see that the world in general is heading towards the total control grid that Mr. Bracken uses in this fictional account, and I hope and pray that in this case fiction doesn't become fact."

"I have read all four of Matt's books all I liked but this one was GREAT!! I can hardly wait for the next Dan Kilmer story. I sail the Caribbean, fly and am a firearms enthusiast and must say this guy knows his stuff. Matt is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors."

"Adventure, romance, travel, shootin' bad guys; what's not to like about Castigo Cay? This is my fourth Matthew Bracken book and I am ready for a lot more. This guy knows how to write a book. Everything fits together perfectly. Having lived on a sailboat myself, I was very impressed with the accurate depiction of the cruising lifestyle as well as obvious technical knowledge of navigation and sailing in general. Matt Bracken is, without a doubt, the best writer today."

"This is a great book; I honestly hope it evolves into a series of adventures such as the famous John D MacDonald had with his Travis McGee series. The characters face real world problems and the possible real world downfall of society."

"The first of what I hope to be many books featuring Dan Kilmer, Castigo Cay is a fast paced Odyssey that takes Dan from the Bahamas to South Florida and back. Matt paints a scary vision of the not too distant future in the United States where corruption rules and freedom is there only if you are ready to risk everything to gain it."

"This is one of those rare books where you want to get to the climax but also want the book to never end. I loved the main character, Dan Kilmer. Dan is living MY dream. A free man in an un-free world. For those of us who are tied to jobs and families, and aren't real life former Navy SEALs like the author, we can escape to freedom through books like Castigo Cay. I can't wait to meet Dan Kilmer again in his next adventure."

"I blasted through all four after a friend turned me on to his first novel. About halfway through that, I had to leave on a trip so I downloaded the two remaining "Enemies" novels and Castigo Cay via Kindle. I read all four books in a straight ten day marathon. I got no work done, I have barely slept and now, my life has come to a virtual stop because there is nothing left to read."

"With Castigo Cay, Matt Bracken introduced me to his in-depth storytelling. I found myself deeply engrossed, visualizing each of the plot developments and almost living in the moment with these characters. Believable and stunning projections of a near-future America may just push you to examine your preparation for survival as you see yourself trying to exist while under the burden of an ever intrusive government. Matt brings a hero to life in Dan Kilmer who stands against corruption and fights for freedom. I am eager to see the next book in this series."

"Matt Bracken has written another excellent book that deals not only with survival, but with some of the socio-economic issues we are facing or soon will be facing. Dan Kilmer's character is real, and faces some tough decisions and choices. The way he handles these decisions is more than believable. I am looking forward to the next in the series based around the character of Kilmer. The survival tips for the new world order that you will learn are a bonus in reading this fine fictional story."

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