Red Cliffs book cover

“Attacking the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower were taken by the French as a declaration of war on France itself. After those twin disasters, nobody spoke of radical Islam anymore, just Islam. Islam in every form was declared to be the enemy of France. The French passed new anti-Islam laws almost overnight. Loyalty oaths were demanded of all Muslims in France. The Sharia no-go zones had to be opened up for inspection and completely disarmed. All Muslim men from age fifteen to fifty had to be registered, photographed, fingerprinted, and eye-scanned. This was all refused out of hand, of course. Instead, the no-go zones were barricaded, and then the French had car bombs going off in front of their schools and police stations. And snipers, of course. And rocket attacks, and random mortars. That lasted until August, when the French Army went full-out medieval. The no-go zones were attacked and then destroyed, one after the other.”

“I thought the French military was full of Muslims.”

“It was—before the loyalty oaths. The loyalty oaths were rejected in the Sharia zones, but they worked well enough in the military. Almost all the Muslims in the French Army were thrown out. The ones who didn’t desert and run into the Sharia zones were put behind razor wire as a risk to French society. It amazed everybody how fast the French could build concentration camps when they set their minds to it. This led to even more car bombs and rocket attacks, until the French used heavy artillery on the no-go zones. Leveled them. Large parts of Paris and the other French cities look like Stalingrad now, but at least they’re one hundred percent French again. Well, in the north, anyway.”

I said, “There must have been a lot of civilian casualties. When push comes to shove, Muslims always use their women and children as human shields.”

“They did—and yes, they always do—but this time it didn’t work. Not when the French were in a fight for their survival. The problem with that human-shield strategy is that sooner or later somebody calls your bluff, and that’s exactly what the French military did. And being concentrated in all-Muslim enclaves, well, that vastly simplified matters when it came time to take care of business and end the mess once and for all. Of course, thousands of innocent French civilians died as well, but that couldn’t be helped. Collateral damage. War is hell, and civil war is even worse.”

A lot of what the colonel said was similar to the rumors I’d heard on the single-sideband. “I didn’t think they had it in them anymore, the French.”

“It finally came down to a matter of national survival. Do or die. Nobody could deny reality after the Louvre and Eiffel Tower attacks. In the end, the French military showed very little mercy. Bastille Day with the black flag of jihad flying above the Eiffel Tower was the turning point. And there was a growing realization that if the no-go zones were going to burn anyway, it would be simpler just to kill them all in the ruins with artillery than to try to coax them out and put them into camps or deport them. A realization by the French military, I mean. It wasn’t the declared French national policy, not that I ever heard. But that’s exactly what happened.”

“So, are there still any Muslims in France?”

“There are almost none north of Lyon, but there are millions left in the Marseille Pocket. The French Civil War isn’t over, not by a long shot. It’s still a big mess in the south. The hardliners want to starve them out, and force them across the Mediterranean to Africa. The socialists want to trade a Muslim enclave in the south for a peace treaty. There were some talks about population exchanges and repatriation, but they came to naught. The French socialists don’t have much influence anymore. They’re seen as collaborators for supporting the Muslim invasion in the first place. French Quislings. Traitors. Cowards and sellouts, like that poofter Emmanuel Macron. They were blamed for the Louvre and Eiffel Tower attacks. Nationalists are running the show in France today.”

“What about England and the UK? How’s it going there?”

“Let’s just say that we’re taking extreme measures to ensure the loyalty of the remaining ex-Muslims. After the Paris attacks, we weren’t going to wait around to see what happened to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.”


“Those are the only kind we have left in Britain. They had to renounce Islam and pledge loyalty to the king. And all of the mosques and ‘Islamic cultural centers’ were leveled, plowed under, and sown with pigs’ offal—full stop.”

"Pigs' offal?"

“So help me. And all done by local volunteers.”

“What happened to the diehard Muslims who wouldn’t renounce Islam?”

“They were allowed to leave on ships, most of them. But I’m shedding no tears for the Muslims that left the UK in one piece. They got off easy, and lucky, after what was done to the Christians back in their homelands.”

“Weren’t a lot of your Muslims born in the UK?”

“Doesn’t matter where they were born, they’re all one and the same. That’s how they looked at the world anyway, Islam versus the rest. The worldwide Ummah, and all that rot. In the end, the Muslims didn’t want to assimilate, they didn’t want to become Britons at all. They came to conquer, or rather, to be parasites until they killed their host and took over that way. The war of the womb, outbreeding us five to one. They just wanted to live on entitlement benefits in their Sharia zones and force Islam down everybody’s throat, step by step. Well, that non-assimilation turned out to be a double-edged sword. They didn’t want to become British? Fine. They identified as Muslims first? Great. That made it easier to bin them all when it came down to them or us. They were never our countrymen. They were just invaders and, in the end, we spat them out.”

“Even the ones who were born in the UK?”

“They all had to leave, all of them, unless they renounced Islam, renounced Sharia, and swore loyalty to the king. Even the so-called white Muslims, the converts. And just like in France, we started with cleaning up the military.”

“So, the only ones that are left in England are—”

“The only ones left are the ex-Muslims.”

“But how can you trust them? You know they’re taught to lie to infidels.”

“Of course I know that. Holy lying to spread the Islamic faith—taqiyya. But they had to swear the oath while standing on the Saudi flag, facing the Union Jack and a picture of the king. You know what’s written on the Saudi flag, right?”

“The main Islamic prayer, the Shahada: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.’ The green Saudi flag is basically the same as the black flag of jihad, except for the color, and the calligraphy. And the sword.”

“Right. They have to wipe their feet on the Saudi flag, spit on it, and pledge loyalty to king and country. And it’s all recorded on video. Tends to separate the sheep from the goats, knowing they can never live among Muslims ever again.”

“Even so, Colonel, I wouldn’t trust them. The Koran tells them to lie to infidels.”

“The sincere ex-Muslims are the best at sniffing out the fakes. They know that if there’s any more Muslim terrorism in the UK, they’ll all be deported next time—every last one of them. And they don’t want to go back, oh no, they don’t want to go back. Being dropped off on a Libyan beach is not very pleasant, I’d imagine, and that happened to thousands of them. And after they’ve taken the King’s Oath standing on the Saudi flag, it’s a death sentence if they’re ever sent back to a Muslim country. It’s all on video. They know full well they have the most to lose from any more terrorism in Britain. They’re the best ferrets we have, the sincere ex-Muslims. Anyway, there’s not many left. Most of them went home on the ships. Better than ninety percent. The ex-Muslims who are left are a good lot, by and large.”

“It’s hard to believe they’d just agree to leave like that.”

“They didn’t have much choice about it. Remember, this all happened soon after Paris and the start of the French Civil War. We were all watching it on the television, hour by hour. The Muslims in the UK knew that if we went in hard, like the French Army did, then the only alternative to deportation was dying in the rubble of their no-go zones. The French example was staring them in the face. Anyway, most of them are still alive—which is a lot more than you can say for the Christians in the Middle East.”